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Using Why Search:

No. It is completely free for the consumer. There are no hidden charges.  Our telephone line is only a standard local rate call (Calls charged at Local rate for BT customers, other service providers may charge more).

By using our quick search tool to find the trade or service you need in your area. A list of businesses, will show up and can who work in your area.

Our vetting and clear monitoring system ensures every works to a high standard therefore the business is recommended. To find details and reviews of their work by click on the business name.  Because every customer and each job is different, only you know what you are wanting and searching for. The reviews will highlight how each business has performed in areas, for example time keeping or value for money.

You can now get quotes easily from several businesses and make an informed choice.  We make it simple for you to search, select and hire a tradesperson. Whatever you decide to do, you know you are choosing a business that has made itself accountable to the public.

If you would like any further help, call our Customer Service team.

When  you are on the profile page of a trade or service, there is an option via a drop down box. You can sort their reviews by sort by score; highest or lowest.  This function isn’t in the search,  in the initial search result you will be shown the average score of all our the listed trades and services are very visible so we don’t see the need for it.

Why Search started as a local business and we’ve quickly grown because the system works.  We are continuously building the directory in each area and this will take a little time.

To help us with our director and to extend our coverage of local businesses you can provide us with your feedback about trades that you have used.  We will contact the trade or service provider and ask them if they are willing to be vetted and continuously monitored by Why Search.

You should receive a review card directly from the tradesperson before the work is done – this means reviews cannot be biased by only hearing from the “friendly” customers. Please ensure you receive your card at the start of the word being carried out.

About Why Search Members:

Why Search started as a local business and quickly grew because the system works. We are now uniquely positioned to serve the whole country, but building up the directory in each area will take a little time.

You can help us extend our coverage by giving your feedback about trades that you have used. We will then contact the trade or service and ask them if they are willing to be vetted and continuously monitored by Why Search.

We believe the person best placed to monitor our members is you, the customer.

As a customer you will be asked to leave a review for the tradesperson. This gives you the opportunity to provide comments and scores across different areas of their workmanship and service.

Customer reviews are the Why Search , our members rely on reviews to build their reputation and Why Search reply on reviews to be able to monitor our members.

Providing your experience with a Why Search member has gone as expected, once we have received your review it will be reviewed and published.

We recognise from time to time things can go wrong and we are here to help.

Your name and address are never published alongside your feedback. However, we do require you to fill in your contact details. Without a name, address and telephone number we cannot substantiate any claim or opinion about a tradesperson and we cannot operate on hearsay. Each month we aim to spot check and verify the reviews we receive. You will receive an email, SMS or a call from Why Search to verify the details that you have supplied.

Our members remain independent businesses responsible for the work they each carry out. It is not possible for us to guarantee the quality of our members’ work or approve them as a trading association would.

What we can guarantee is that Why Search members are recommended, vetted, and monitored. They pledge to uphold the Why Search Standard – a code of excellent conduct. This keeps the rogue trades away, the standard of work high, and each business accountable for its performance.

We also guarantee to publish all reviews – good and bad, as long as the customer has given us permission to contact the trader about the complaint and providing it’s not anonymous and in the absence of exceptional circumstances. This means that our members work well because their reputations are at stake: one sloppy job and they lose custom. Our system gives you peace of mind. You know what others have written about each business, and that it is in their interests to work to the best of their ability every time.

This is uncommon,  because our members clearly understand unsatisfied customers will leave a negative review that is published on our website.  If you do have reason to complain about the work by one of our members, then please  see how we can help with Resolving Issues.

If the customer would like us to contact the tradesperson, we will communicate any dissatisfaction directly with them. This will give the trade opportunity to rectify the situation or provide a right of reply with their version of events.

We have found issues that have been raised were due to unclear expectations or poor communication. Having contacted the tradesperson we usually find that the problems get resolved very quickly.

Yes we do. If a business fails the Why Search Standard, its membership will be suspended. The reason that the vast majority of our trades and services work to a high standard is that our initial vetting is extremely thorough,  the monitoring process and reviews puts their reputation and future work on the line.