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Complaints About A Member

Resolving Issues

We know how challenging it is to find the right tradespeople you can trust. At Why Search we go out of our way to find you the best there is for all your jobs, even the odd jobs! We have high standards, so why shouldn’t the tradespeople we work with have the same. We evaluate and assess each of our tradespeople to meet our high standards. However, there are times when things may not go your way as expected. The important bit here is, to quickly resolve any issues and customer dissatisfaction. All members are required to discuss your concerns and handle your complaint appropriately.

How to resolve issues

When things haven’t gone to plan, and you need our support. We have a team of customer service professionals that you have quick access to. If you haven’t be able to resolve any issues between you and a tradesperson, one of our customer service experts will step in to resolve any queries and provide you with the advice you need. To make life easier, if you need us to communicate to the tradesperson on your behalf we’d be happy do so, resolving any issues efficiently while keep you up to date.

Tell us about your Complain

    The moment you realise there is a potential issue, we advise you to contact the trader who arranged/carried out the work.

    Be assured there are many tradespeople that will take this opportunity to resolve any issues

    • Clearly explain the reasons you are not happy and any matters of concerns
    • Review and plan all the actions that can be undertaken to make corrections/amendments
    • Allow the trade the opportunity to rectify errors
    • Agree on a final deadline date for completion

    Always be Prepared…

    • Keep all paperwork and receipts in one place
    • Always take photos as evidence, keeping a log on progress and photos of any areas of concern
    • Keep and make notes about what’s happened, hold on to all forms of communication emails/ letters between you and trade.  This is vital if you needed to take the complaint further at a later date

    Things to consider,  be Clear, have the Facts when communicating to the trade person.

    Need further advice on what to do when you have a complaint click here

    We will provide support  by working with you and the tradesperson to reach a suitable resolution

    • Please start by leaving a review
    • If you have tried to address your concerns with the trades person and you were not successful, then we are happy to communicate on your behalf and we will work out what action can be taken.  Members are aware that unsatisfied customers can leave a negative review and  publish this on their profile, therefore they are usually eager to resolve any issues quickly. 
    • In the event one of our members falls short of The Why Search Standard, membership are very likely to be suspended or terminated.

    With Why Search support, there is a greater chance of a resolution being achieved. We are here to advise both parties on any possible next steps

    If  you were unable to resolve your issue using steps 1 & 2 , please following the next steps

    • After following the complaints process, you are unhappy with the resolution you may wish to take your complaint further, Why Search can refer your issue to the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Scheme that is operated by the Trading Standards.
    • You may also want to consider speaking to the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 0808 2231133 or online at www.citizensadvice.org.uk. They are supported by local authorities and by the Department of Trade

    Your reviews and experiences are important to us, they ensure we only keep the right members on board at Why Search.If

    • We will publish negative reviews and give the trade a chance to resolve complaints, allowing them 7 days to do this.  We have discovered this usually is the best practice and results in a much better outcome for you

    • If you have a more serious complaint, your review is published after 7 days.  This will give the trade in question the opportunity to respond to reviews with a Right of Reply which is published alongside your review.

    • We cannot publish anonymous reviews,  as we won’t able to  notify our members of any reviews and thus this doesn’t give then a chance to resolve the issue.  If you still want to remain anonymous,  we would recommend you to notify us of your experience.  So we can can monitor how trades are conducting themselves and their business

    • We may request documentation in order to assist us further. This could be quotes/invoices, a contract or proof of payment as well as any pictures and reports. Exchanges between both parties are useful as we can act on what we receive.

    • All issues are to be raised within 24 months of the work being undertaken (unless a guarantee or warranty is in place)

    • Please see our ‘Terms of Use’ for our guide on uploading content to the Why Search website

    • Once the issue is resolved you can choose to continue to publish your original review or alternatively you can withdraw your comments or change them by notifying us